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lag is a bit much

cute little game I rather enjoyed it 


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I want to keep this on overnight to see where  it gets me.

lol it'd probably crash

but i'd be so rich

i wich there was more to this game it is fun thow

beat it with 10 minutes let’s go


Nice game!


Annoyingly addictive.

short and sweet, nice idle game!!

I write this comment while still playing the game, already purchased all the automated click. :))

Somehow the sfx when the resources get into the statistic sound ... satisfying, I ended up keep the game running while doing something else.

It's a good, short idle clicker game. :D

I too found the sfx quite pleasant after a few upgrades.  Thought this was a clicker, but turns out it's a synth rhythm game!

Excellent clicker (I think this is the category's name of this type of games)!!! And with a proper end screen! Nice, very nice!
I also loved the use of images for button and labels instead of just a text buttons and text labels which this type of games usually have!

It is possible to make available an desktop version of the game? Preferably both windows-linux version :-)
While I love web games an offline version is very much appreciated!


i won baby