Weekly Patch #2 is now live!

Greetings, Dwarven friends!

It’s Friday! That means another weekly update, and plenty more to check out in Regions of Ruin! This week brings new building upgrades, new enemies, improvements to the companion system, new areas, and more. We’re smashing bugs left and right, and are so grateful for all the reports, ideas, and feedback coming in from the community. It’s really helping to make the game shine! Here are the notes for this week:

* added another artefact 'Rodenrens Plate'

* added another artefact 'Rodenrens Ring'

* added three new books to gather

* added some new visuals

* fixed the free money bug from quick saving/loading <.<

* fixed the shop click/spam free money bug

* fixed the increasing page tally on library menu

* cleaned cave ground/edges to black space

* can no longer talk to NPCs when you have a menu open

* talking to a trader while upgrading depot will no longer freeze dialog

* added hints to get the 'Grondularis' artefact

* added level 3 trade depot

* added level 3 refinery

* added level 3 Library

* added level 4 Tavern

* added level 4 Blacksmith

* added level 4 Storage

* added three forest locations

* added five ruins locations

* added two new cave locations

* added red kobolds

* added purple kobolds

* added rare black bunnies

* added orc mage (introducing cold damage)

* added sentinels (Electric damage)

* added stone to more regions

* implemented boosted health regeneration on special items

* implemented weapon % damage boosts (throwing/overall damage)

* implemented the % overall resistance boost on rare drops

* boosted the stats on the orcbane (again)

* companions have double base health when generating

* companions have more base damage when generating

* companions are - even more - cheaper to hire

* forging weapons now creates the weapon you selected (not random ones)

* bandages should now heal as intended (one wound at a time)

* added health bars to boss-like mobs

* added cooldown on critical hit slow motions

* rescued workers will now stay for 12 seconds before running off

* fixed the free money bug from quick saving/loading <.<

* fixed the shop click/spam free money bug


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Oct 20, 2017
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Oct 20, 2017
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Oct 20, 2017

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