New Meeple Station Release Date - April 10th

It’s a rough time right now for many people across the world.

We unfortunately have to report that among those affected by all this madness is our friend, partner, and producer on Meeple Station, Alex, along with his family who reside in  Spain. They've all been confirmed positive for COVID-19  since we announced Meeple Station’s 1.0 release at the end of last month.

Thankfully, just in the past few days now, Alex and his family seem to be getting through the very worst of it and finally back on the mend, but it hasn’t been a pretty month for them. Luckily, they were not critical cases and were able to get proper medical attention despite the current chaotic state Spain is suffering through right now. We don’t want Alex to worry about the stress of releasing a game right now. We want Alex to simply focus on getting well again.

Due to these circumstances, we decided to push back our original Meeple Station 1.0 release date from March 30, to April 10th. This way, at the very least, Alex can take a couple extra weeks to fully recover, and Stephen and Mike continue to make use of our wonderful group of testers and ensure Meeple Station is in the best state for its 1.0 release. We were very excited for the release on the 30th, but the world just doesn’t have it in the cards- as seems to be the case for so many people right now.

We know everyone will understand with all the madness that has been going around with this terrible pandemic across the world. Thank you for that understanding. We’ll be back in a few weeks to release our little two-year labor of love to you all.

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Good call, hope Alex gets to enjoy the release in good health. Hope your release goes well and stay safe!


Thank you for your kind words! And we'll pass them onto Alex :)


I'm happy to learn that Alex and his family are on the way up. Take it easy and stay healthy.


We are too! And thank you for your comment <3