Clowns, Ruins, Updated Rendering and building space stations

As part of our early access weekly update commitment, we've made huge strides forwards over the past month responding to our players feedback and requests. If building a space station, battling space pirates, exploring for resources and managing unmanageable meeple sounds like your kind of game (think Rimworld), then now is a great time to grab Meeple Station. We appreciate your support and will keep the cool stuff coming!

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Tiles & Reinforced Walls

Pesky meteor storms and bombers got you down? Our two new tile sets, Glass and Reinforced hulls have you covered. The glass hulls are decorative, whereas the reinforced hull provides a greater resistance to attack vectors. The reason we added these new tiles is because we've changed how the game can read and use sprite sheets for indoor tiles, with walls. This means you'll also notice walls are collapsable and will disappear when you hover on a room.

Rendering Rework

One of our favorite features in Dwarf Fortress is the Z-layers and action that can be happening in every aspect of the game. We've built this in Meeple Station but navigating it can be hard, especially for new players. As part of our commitment to building better tutorials and quality of life improvements, we've made Z-layers much easier to visualize and move around in. Here is a shot of old vs. new:

Clowns and Mysterious Ruins

Meeple Station is about being open world, sandbox, simulation, but we also love to have little eggs of story and depth, which can be a very difficult thing to achieve inside of a simulation game. Campaigns aside, we wanted to add a little bit of mystery to the game, such as factions, conflicts and more in-depth exploration features. Including minerals and resources that can only be obtained through exploration. Here is a teaser of some fun stuff to come!

Amongst a very very long list of bug fixes, we've also introduced the first tourist feature (HONK). For our kindred spirits (SS13 fans) we've introduced clowns!

You can expect many more entities, mobs, creatures being introduced over the next few weeks.

Thanks for your support and wishlist or buy on steam to start building your dreamboat Space Station.

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