Care For And Customize Your Meeple Like Never Before!

Since last month’s big user-interface update, we’ve been busy implementing a host of new features, some long requested. This includes updates to the medical bay and how air ventilation work, the ability to grow vegetables and fruit to create medicine and finally, customizing your Meeple! Read on to learn more about all our updates from over the past month and our upcoming features in the works for Meeple Station.

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Medicine production and better doctors!

Grow vegetables AND fruit as well as medicinal plants, which can be manufactured into medical supplies to treat wounded Meeple (sorry they aren’t free anymore, blame capitalism…).

While medical beds have been introduced to be setup in medical wards to house any injured Meeple, which they’ll seek out if hurt. Making it far easier for doctors to treat patients, instead of them chasing Meeple around the station with blood running everywhere.

New oxygen and ventilation system

Life support now creates and stores oxygen in tanks, before vents disperse oxygen into different areas of your station. Meaning there is a new utility system for ventilation, oxygen tanks, vents and a few new door types, one which blocks airflow and another that doesn’t. Therefore, you’ll need to make it a top priority to setup up vents and replace some doors when you first load up your station again! Oxygen lasts a bit so no need to worry, your Meeple should be alright, as long as you don’t forget...

Meeple Customization

One of our most highly requested features is the ability to customize your starting crew when creating a new station, and now it’s here! You can now balance traits (good and bad!) through sacrificing skills and attributes elsewhere, adding a lot of depth and the ability to experiment with your crew.

We’re excited to see what trait combinations you come up with and their benefits, or possible pitfalls. Ever see a astraphobic miner? Or a violent guard? Now you may! We’re planning to add more traits in the near future to allow for even more crazy combinations, so keep an eye out for that in an upcoming update.

Looking ahead

Along with these features we’ve been flushing out many bugs out into hyperspace and trying to focus on the overall polish of the game (the UI update was just the start!).

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