Patch 1.0.7 - long awaited

It's been quite awhile but thankfully before the end off the year I managed to find enough time to nail down a plethora of bugs and bring in a couple new features and fixes before the holiday.

You can always take a look at the changelog from the title screen, but I also took -great- efforts to copy-paste them into this devlog.

Notably, the most infamous bugs have been addressed. Meeple getting stuck, doctors going on strike, and lazy janitors. 

The largest feature in this patch is the 'zones' menu where you can setup areas by selecting different rooms and assigning specific meeple/crew to the zone to restrict where they can and can't go. Restricting the possible areas a meeple is allowed to go is also a handy way to cut down on pathfinding costs, because the pathfinder will ignore restricted areas.

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• janitors now look for the closest waste bin to dump rubbish
• added the Zones feature to designate restricted areas and assign specific meeple to them
• added indicators over meeple when they are asphyxiating or starving
• made meeple slightly more tolerant when they're hungry
• several pathfinding bugs fixed
• another large pathfinding overhaul and optomization to help large stations
• made stench clouds less rampant but spawn more frequently
• made hazmeep faster at cleaning unwanted gasses
• added new poop sprites
• wounded meeple will now tire twice as fast and be more motivated to rest
• fixed a bug causing certain meeple to contemplate their existence too often and starve to death
• fixed a bug where doctors under house arrest protest by refusing to treat patients
• fixed a bug where changing a hull tile next to a door merged the two rooms
• fixed a bug when meeple get shot at they fritz out
• added mega crates for more storage
• added utility doors (to match utility tiles)
• added mega crate research tech to unlock mega crates
• fixed a graphical glitch where built furniture clipped through walls
• fixed meeple from sliding along the floor when they're knocked unconscious
• stench clouds can now spawn from enormous piles of... rubbish
• slowed down meeple metabolisms so they eat/sleep/clean/breath 80% slower
• fixed genius scientist meeple to actually be genius
• increased the work rate difference between high and low skill meeple

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Version 1.0.7 Dec 09, 2021 180 MB
Version 1.0.7 Dec 09, 2021 178 MB
Version 1.0.7 Dec 09, 2021

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