New resources, menu layouts and a chef!

Let's start with the boring stuff, new menu layouts to make trading easier when they dock at your station.

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Huge paaaaatch!

The huge patch resource overhaul has finally arrived, and with it, an entourage of new furniture and features. You'll notice there are now two new utility lines in the game, waste and water. You'll need to mine ice, melt it down, and use it to keep everything alive. And yes yes, we now have bathrooms, your Meeple are now slightly less slobbery. But on top of that, you'll need to manage the waste your meeple produce, eject it into space, or filter it to reclaim your precious water (so long as you don't mind where it came from).


We also have new Chef meeple, and kitchens! Food is now a tangible resource, meaning you can trade for food and whip up some gourmet meals for your hungry crew.. or just feed them raw fish, it's up to you of course.

As always you can grab a copy on steam or and join us on Discord. We've got a lot coming in the next patch, so make sure you follow us on and until then this is your captain signing off.

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Version 0.6.08 May 30, 2019 180 MB
Version 0.6.08 May 30, 2019 178 MB
Version 0.6.08 May 30, 2019

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