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Hey Meeple!

This week we’re going to take a look at the game’s namesake, the Meeple themselves. After all, you can’t well have a meeple station without these curious critters to manage it!

Each Meeple plays a unique role in your station's day to day management. You'll need to carefully choose who you hire and balance them accordingly. A simple janitor may seem like a lesser role, but they’ll be worth their weight in dilithium when you need them! (And trust us, you do need them!)

Meeple station offers a large variety of growing roles, and each one will make a big difference in their own way. Engineers will help you construct your basic structures. Miners work to procure valuable minerals. Refiners help you to smelt and form useful alloys. Botanists will grow and maintain your produce. Janitors to... well, ya know, clean things. Researchers help to enhance your systems. Physicists fuel and maintain your warp core. Mercenaries are there to help you defend against pirates. Officers to... sit around eating your food and breathing your air... that’s about it. These are only some of the meeple you’ll encounter as your station grows!

Each role has their own work safe hazards. Miners, for example, are further from your airlock doors, so if any strange creature approaches, they're probably the first to go. Your physicists, if they aren't being careful, could easily fill up the warp core room with toxic fumes. It's your job to keep them all safe, fed, breathing, and most importantly, happy! (This way they won’t jump out of airlocks, or poison the entire station’s air supply. Safety first!)

As you can see, these little beings will present you with an array of both helps and headaches, and it’s up to you to prevent disaster. We look forward to bringing you more news next week, and be sure to come say hi on our Discord server!

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