Meeple Peeple News - Progression!

Hey, Meeple!

This week, we’re taking a look at progression in Meeple Station, and how you will be able to build your blossoming Meeple empire. We can practically see you all out there, rubbing your hands together in anticipation of your new overlord status! So how do you and your station rise to the top?

In Meeple Station you'll have the freedom to specialise your station the way you want. The more you grow your station, the more renown you will gain, and thus gain ranks. Ranks will saddle you with the unfortunate baggage of another officer, useless bureaucrats who want nothing more than to run amok running your station their way. They’re more than happy to issue random orders to your Meeple, if they’re not kept sufficiently happy to keep them from meddling. On the bright side, these troublesome fellows bring with them the ability to research new expertise, and unlock new content. Officers lend nothing to the day-to-day operation of your station, but are all too happy to eat your food, breathe your oxygen, and let you know how important they are. They could order your helpless Meeple to build a core reactor in the dormitories if you let them have their way!

The ill-tempered officers, though difficult, will expand your research to new fields of expertise, including botany, advanced electronics, shield generators, combat turrets, exploration vessels, and even quantum fuel processors. You can advance your station in the fields that best suit you. Some branches of research will require prerequisites. For example, quantum engines and dilithium fuel processing will require knowledge of advanced circuitry. Building shield generators will require laboratories, so that you can refine the advanced materials you need.  

Not only will you have the know-it-all officers distracting you with their snobbery, you will also have to contend with other dangers as you expand your station and your renown. In addition to attracting positive attention, you will also catch the attention of nasty things like pirates, who want to plunder your station. Lurking space beetles will hungrily eye your power sources. Worst of all, the Giant Electric Man Eating Space Squids, or GEMESS for short, will seek to wreak havoc on your poor little meeple.

Still ready to take over the universe by way of your Meeple Station? Good! We knew you would be! Join us next week for more Meeple Peeple News, and if you haven’t yet tried the demo, it’s available now on our page! Give it a go, and let us know your thoughts on our Discord server!

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