Meeple Peeple News - Dev Update and Exploration!

Hey Meeple!

This week we have a few updates from the studio side of things, and then we’ll take a look at exploration in Meeple Station and how it benefits you. On the dev side, preparations for Kickstarter are in full swing. We will be kicking off our campaign in just a few short weeks, and we’re so excited to get it rolling! Leading up to Kickstarter, we’ll be bringing out an updated demo with a ton of bug fixes and improvements. Thanks so much to everyone who has played and given feedback and bug reports so far. Keep them coming!

In addition to continuing to make improvements to the game, we’re also hard at work making some revisions to the UI, and a slightly longer and more informative tutorial. Work on our exploration features, including traveling with your station, is also underway. How will exploration work, and what can it do for you?

As one might imagine, life on a space station is not easy. What happens when you’ve exhausted the resources in your current location? Fortunately, your trusty Meeple can master some very advanced technologies, and have just the thing to help! Exploration will involve being able to move your station to new locations via quantum jumps. This will allow you to make new discoveries, find valuable resources, and bring back valuable information about dangers in the area. Building scout ships will further advance these objectives, and will help you continue to progress.

New dangers, alien technologies and plenty of wealth for your Meeple await you throughout the universe. Ready to give it a try? Be sure to download the demo from our page and check it out! As always, we’re available on our Discord server for questions, feedback, and tasty bug reports. We’ll see you next week with more Meeple Peeple News!

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