Meeple Peeple News - Countdown to Kickstarter!

Hey Meeple!

With only a week to go until Kickstarter kicks off, things are full speed ahead for the team as we finalize preparations. We are so excited to get the campaign underway, and to be able to get our community in game and playing! We will be offering immediate access to anyone that backs at a high enough tier to get the game. This means that if we fund, even our early birds will be able to join us in building the game and making it the best it can be. We will also be offering plenty of multipack tiers for those wanting to get copies for friends or family. If you back at a tier for more than one copy, everyone gets in, no trying to decide who gets the lone early testing key!

If anyone has not yet signed up for our mailing list to be able to be notified when the campaign page goes up, please do so here:

Kickstarter Mailing List

Thanks to everyone’s help and bug reports, we’ve been able to squash loads of bugs, and are continuing to do so in the lead-up to the campaign. Work on the game is proceeding at Stephen’s usual breakneck speed. Pathfinding and optimization have both seen some attention, and as we head into Kickstarter, quantum engines will be getting finished up, so that stations are moveable in game. Co-op will be underway throughout the campaign as well, and we can’t wait to test that with the community! We will also be doing dev streams to keep everyone in the loop, and let you all see the game as it progresses. Be sure to watch for announcements for those times and dates, as we’ll be posting them on all of our social accounts.

If you’re as excited as we are to get your hands on Meeple Station, and want to be part of the growing community, please join us on our Discord server, Reddit, Twitter, Steam,, or all of the above. We’re in for an exciting September, and we thank everyone for supporting this journey and helping bring Meeple Station to life!

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