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Hey Meeple!

Things have been nothing short of crazy here at Vox games since kicking off the Kickstarter campaign! We can’t thank the community enough for all of the support and love you guys have shown, it’s truly humbling. Even though a lot of focus goes into marketing during the campaign, Stephen has been working harder than ever squashing bugs, and pouring more improvements and features into the game. It is a tremendous help having our community sharing so much feedback and so many bug reports with us. Every message sent to us has led to new ways to better Meeple Station, and has helped to polish the experience of the game.

This week, the focus has been on improvements to research, making it more intuitive and less restrictive. Achievements are also in the works, rewarding hard working meeple with permanent boosts to starting resources, and blueprints for saving and loading your favorite station designs. Following that, work will begin on a codex that will compile loads of helpful information and tips to aid any meeple that find themselves in a bind. The ability to track stats such as oxygen production and usage is also coming in as time allows.

We encourage everyone to please help share the Kickstarter and spread the word, so that we are in the best possible position to finish the game and focus on pouring more and more content into the project. You can visit our Kickstarter campaign page to check out all the tiers and to learn more about our goals. As always, we love meeting everyone and talking about all things Meeple, or even just hanging out. Please come say hi on Discord and meet the team!

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