How to DIE in Meeple Station


There's a great many ways to die in Meeple Station, our upcoming Dwarf Fortress/Rimworld like. Bombing runs from enemy fighters for example can decimate your station if you don't have a proper shield generator set up! 

Good Old Fashioned meteor strikes are even more powerful than bombing strikes, with the added lethality of not knowing when they could come about. Make sure your shields are up at all times!

Stepping out of an airlock? Be it space-depression or just regular clumsyness, meeple can and will ocassionally take themselves out of the picture via a suitless space walk.

There are many other ways to die in Meeple Station, these are just a few! Be it hunger, asfixiation, man eating squids or your own stupidity, comment below on what you'd like to see in the game!

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