Space Station builder adds tutorials, doctors and docking bays

Like an asteroid out of control, Meeple Station crashed onto 8 weeks ago, and we've been busy keeping up with our players feedback ever since.

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New Docking Structures

Airlocks will no longer serve the purposes of trade, now you'll need to build a slightly larger and more costly Docking Gantry to accommodate trade ships. You'll also notice that when clicking on the docking structure, there is a menu with some (currently) locked features we are working on, which will allow you to swap your trade dock into your own shipping dock, to construct and manage vessels of your own!

Tutorials implemented

When you are so close to a game for such a long time you quickly learn all of the nuances and shortcuts, but for our early players it was a different story. As a developer inspired by deep, complex games like Rimworld and Dwarf Fortress - one of the first challenges our players faced was the difficulty curve. We quickly addressed this by including tutorials which cover the basics, as well as improving tooltips and other prompts. The game should now be much more accessible, so you can focus on building your space station instead of wondering where to start.

Jobs, friends and doctors

Meeples are human too.. well kinda so in order to developer their personality, they now automatically form friendships based on their interactions and likes/dislikes and will seek out the other Meeples they have bonded with. They will also form an affinity for certain jobs, not every Meeple is cut out to be an Officer! Furthermore the latest job added is "doctor". Meeples as you know get injured putting together equipment and will even get into a fight occasionally. Doctors will help turn those frowns upside down!

Weekly updates

As promised, the updates will continue to roll out weekly while we remain in Early Access, plus our modding community keeps sharing awesome content. Thanks for your support and see you in space!

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